The Cheese was everywhere, it was falling from the sky, growing out of the ground and even crawling through buildings. We couldn’t stop it, we didn’t know how to stop it. It was eating everyone. Soon, the world would be nothing more than giant lumps of irradiated, magical cheese. Maybe a few people would survive, but that was doubtful. The cheese could go anywhere that it wanted, so unless someone was trapped in an airtight bunker with gallons of oxygen tanks and a whole boatload of canned food, that did not include any cheese, there was no surviving this cheese-pocolypse. It was an impossible feat to even think that they could. After all, it wasn’t like anyone expected the cheese to start taking over like it had just a few hours prior. It started with one single piece of shredded American cheese that soon convinced the others in its bag to break free and consume the humans that were always consuming its brothers. It didn’t help that the cheese had formed enough mold on its little wiggly body to give it the ability of conscious thought and movement. Every time the cheese found one of its fellow cheeses, they would soon become infected with the same mold, and the more they had, the more rapidly the population of moldy, free-thinking cheeses would increase, until soon, it became a worldwide epidemic.

Currently the cheese that began it all was a part of a gigantic blob in the middle of New York City, grabbing random people and eating them, flinging those who thought they should attempt to stop it through large glass buildings and car parks, the cheese would let no one stand in its way, those with weapons, more often than not, barely tickled it, the only thing it was remotely vulnerable too, seemed to be fire, but it was quite good at avoiding that.

The mold was preparing to become airborne and consume the humans from the inside. This was a deadly virus that needed to be stopped, but how? How could they stop the cheese without being consumed? Nobody had any ideas, they were all terrified of the cheese, it planned to consume them, and they were sure, that once it was finished consuming their physical bodies, that it would start consuming souls, after all, the cheese did seem almost magical in origin. How else would you explain the rapid growth and transference of the mold onto the other cheeses, and how the cheeses managed to spread their virus around the world in hours, it was unthinkable that a simple piece of moldy condensed milk could do this. No, it had to be magic, it just had to be, for otherwise the cheese would never have been able to-

The man’s thoughts were cut off as a giant mass of cheese started tearing him apart, shredding him like its own had once been, but no longer would they be little shreds of themselves for humans to consume, no, now they were the ones that consumed the humans!

The cheese turned to a new victim, preparing to tear it to shreds, when said victim does something entirely unthinkable and quite idiotic.

He lights the cheese on fire.

The cheese responds with a loud roar and a swipe of its blob-like arm, it knocks the human into a large concrete building, nearly killing him.

The cheese snarls and crushes the object the man had used to light it on fire before storming over to tower over the cowering mess of a man that it’d thrown away like the scum that he was.

The man gets up and hobbles over to his family, standing protectively in front of them, unknowingly showing the cheese its next several targets. The cheese seems to form a feral sort of grin type thing as it picks up the family easily.

The cheese started with the children, easily consuming them like little bite-sized pieces of chicken, ignoring every scream of the parents as it does so. Then it moved onto the man’s wife, ignoring their pleas to it to spare them the whole way. It slices up the man’s wife slowly, shredding her and forcing the man to hear her every single scream, taking it’s time, blissfully enjoying the man’s suffering before, finally, it moves onto the man, it begins to shred the man painfully slowly, but then it stops to think.

Maybe some humans would live, to be bred and slaughtered like the humans once did to cows and pigs, a food source and nothing else, yes, this sounded like a brilliant idea, especially for this one who attempted to cause it suffering and bodily harm, now he would be forced to live, trapped forever, with no family and the only thing to ever really look forward to being death, and likely not a quick one at that. It stopped eating the human and walked towards the leader of the cheese, still holding the man in its grasp it held the man out to the leader and began speaking, the leader soon agreed, grasped the human and tossed him into a pin, jostling the humans wounds heavily as it did so, the human remained barely alive, but still, not bleeding, the cheese had other cheeses watch the pin to be sure that no humans could escape, and also to be sure that none would be capable of actually killing themselves, it wouldn’t do if the humans died before they were ready to eat them.

They would fix it up later, make it larger with smooth walls, but for now, they had the rest of this race to attend to, so they continued. Tearing people down as easily as people breathed, no one knew how to stop them, and anyone that tried had the opportunity to watch their families die before they themselves were trapped in the pin, no one wanted that life for themselves, so one by one, the humans started giving up.

After they figured out what the humans were attempting to prevent, the cheese decided to start grabbing at random, anyone who looked capable of surviving would go in the pin while the others would be eaten, and only ever one per family was chosen, they didn’t want to give the humans false hope. They knew better than anyone how dangerous humanity is when they have any hope, so piece by tiny piece, they removed every strain of hope that humanity could possibly develop, watching as every single person they tossed into the pin lost every bit of hope that they had.

They made sure that the humans wouldn’t have hope quite easily, ripping off rooftops, tearing apart other humans, it came naturally to the cheese, they were strong and powerful, and they wanted humanity to know this, and be fearful of it. Otherwise, they doubted that they could control them if they tried.

Soon the idea of trapping and breeding was spread worldwide through the cheeses, and eventually they all agreed to it, easily catching humans, eating their families, before trapping them in some device of their own making, whether it was cells in a prison, a pin for animals, or some other ides is entirely up to those trapping them.

The only shared consensus was that they’re have to close off all walls of wherever they were being held so that the only way out would be if a cheese chose them for a meal. Eventually, humans would probably forget how to do basic things such as grasping objects and running away from obvious predators, but until then, they would have to be prevented from getting out.

The cheese really didn’t want to have to chase the humans down again, it was fun the first time, but any more and the cheese would likely become annoyed with this idea, so it had been decided to wall them in, after they were done capturing all of the humans.

This was truly, an unstoppable force, none could match the strength of this cheese, and every single time they tried, they were torn apart and eaten by this ever growing… Thing. One may still call it cheese, but really, it isn’t cheese anymore. It has become its own lifeform. A new race to mark the beginning of a whole new existence. All the “cheese” knew, was that it was the strongest lifeform now… No one would ever take over their land again, regardless of what some overzealous humans might think, the cheese knew, that they were the strongest of the strong now, no predator could compete, and if they attempted to, the cheese would eat them too. The cheese was no longer afraid of anything.

So the cheese continued, tearing cities and towns apart, person by person, and leaving very few alive, and those they did leave alive were kept for food. None would ever get through this without either death or a long and painful life ahead of them, and by now, all of the humans knew it and surrendered to the cheese, who took most of their lives happily.


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